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Bows | Compound, Recurve, Junior | Archery Hit

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Archery Hit have a bow for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter. Choose from Compound Bows, Recurve Bows, Long Bows or Junior Bows.

All Archery Hit bows have been designed in Australia and then manufactured in Taiwan. We sell these bow because we've found the Taiwanese bows are of much higher quality. Most of the bows out of China aren't up to Australian standards. 



Compound bows shoot arrows at higher velocities and are easier for archers to draw. When the string is drawn back the cam wheels roll over and the poundage drops down so the archer can hold the bow steady while aiming. For example if you are drawing back 60 pounds you are only holding approx 20 pounds at full draw. Upon release the cam wheels accelerate giving higher arrow velocity. Compound bows are more compact in size and are easy to carry and can be fitted out with many accessory choices. All this makes compound bows one of the most popular choices of bows in the sport of archery today.

Refer our range of compound bows here.

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Made out of carbon fibre and light and flexible, the recurve bow is a great bow to use at any archery level, from junior target, competitive target through to hunting.  This style of bow is used in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.  

Refer our range of recurve bows here.


Get the kids started right with our junior bow sets. Kids love shooting arrows just like they do in the movies and we have longbows, recurve’s or compound style to choose from. Kid’s will have hours of fun shooting in the backyard or away camping. All junior bows are above toy level and are designed to last many years as the young archers grow with the sport. Warning: Once kids start shooting parents will want a bow too!

Refer our range of junior bows here.

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Traditional lowbows are great fun to shoot for all ages and are popular in today's television and movies. Kids will love our 36" longbow starter set.

Refer our range of longbows here.