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Junior Bow | K9 Compound Bow

  • Junior Bow | K9 Compound Bow

Junior Bow | K9 Compound Bow

$150.00 $170.00


Juniors all like the look of compound bows and this entry level model will get them started. New design model youth bow with fully adjustable draw length with just a simple allen key - no bow press required

Perfect for growing archers. Features the same modern look as adult compound bows. Lightweight and easy to carry with plenty of speed for flat shooting trajectory.

We recommend this bow for ages 8 and above as it takes a little more effort to roll the cams over. At full draw the bow will relax and then produce more energy and velocity when fired. 

The draw weight is 8-28 lbs, with a draw length setting of either 16" to 25 inches. Available in right hand model only.

Complete with built in pin sight. Package includes:

  • front sight pin, 
  • arm guard, 
  • 2 Piece Bow Quiver
  • 2 fiberglass arrows
  • Finger Rollers

Bonus pre-installed finger rollers for comfort shooting.


Draw Length:
16" - 25" Inches
Draw Weight:
2-28 pounds



Package Contents: 

 k9 Compound bow only picture

photo of accessories included with the K9 compound bow

Archery Hit Far Sight 2 Fibreglass Arrows and pin sight and arrow rest.

far Sight accessories with a black plastic arm guard and a black vinyl hip quiver

green finger rollers

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